How We Work

Built to enable investments into the historically redlined neighborhoods of the urban core.  The Greenline Initiative renovates blighted homes and owner finances the sale using crowdsourced funds. We have touch-points at all phases of the real estate process, allowing us to suppress costs and provide a great home at a price point close to the buyer's rent.

We identify and procure blighted homes throughout the urban core.  Utilizing local contractors our project managers control the renovation process, maximizing the opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies that come from scaling and running concurrent projects.

Our real estate agents work to sell homes with a number of available options. Whether by traditional sale, lease-to-own, or owner financing we provide homes to families of low to moderate income capabilities. 

Your investment can help close the racial wealth gap, can help repair neighborhoods scarred by the negative effects of redlining and racism, and can provide a return on your investment of capital and good works.