4 Reasons Why Real Estate Should be Your Keystone to Generational Wealth

How would the decisions in your life differ if you never had rent to pay or make a mortgage payment, if you were handed a fully paid up home on your 18th birthday? Would you have reinvested the funds... start a business... follow a passion? How would you spend that freedom?
Real estate has always been a keystone in the foundation of building generational wealth.
1. Appreciation
Appreciation is the increase of your home's value over time. Historically the value of real estate has always increased over time.
2. Difficult to Ruin
A family business can be mishandled once you pass it on. Insurance can be misspent. With a property management company property can be a source of passive income for years to come.
3. Passive Income
Depending on the setup income can be generated immediately, renting out a room for instance. Though it could be used by the next generation to rent out in it's entirety.
4. Functional
My favorite part about using a home as the beginning block to generational wealth, while it's appreciating, or passively incoming, or becoming difficult to ruin. You and your family can LIVE in it! It's your home.