The Greenline Initiative

We are a social enterprise that renovates blighted homes in the urban core, while owner financing their sale using crowd sourced funds

Value returned to the community: $118,000

Savings to the city policing costs: $15,000

Crime reduction of: .0129%

Construction jobs created: 36

Benefits of Purchasing a Home with The Greenline Initiative

Home Customization

We rely on your decisions to guide the renovations to your home.  Start the process of turning a house into a home before you move in

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Generational Wealth

  A family can survive on income, but it is the creation of wealth that allows for you to extend your boundaries by adding a critical piece to your families financial future

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Saving Money

Using The Greenline Initiatives' owner financing to purchase your home you create a host of opportunities to save money

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The Team

Ajia Morris

CEO & Co-Founder


Christopher Morris


Accelerated and Incubated by BETABLOX

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